Day 15

Locked out!

Santa and his helpers made their landing on the roof without a sound. The bag heavy, almost bursting with presents on his shoulder Santa stomps towards the chimney. His thick boots swallowing all the noise he makes. Quietly aceing he puts the bag down next to the chimney trying to prepare himself to leap in. But what's that? Peering into the chimney Santa is horrorfied: it's barred and sealed by a chain and a magical lock, without a keyhole or codewheel.

"Elves!", Santas helpers try to avoid eye-contact.

Santa confronts them anyways: "Enki, Frosty, Lola, Skyrgámur!"... "Where is Ankhtifi?"

Sheepishly, Lola hands Santa a letter "He is gone"

Dearest Friends (and Santa Claus),

I left you and took Christmas with me. How tragic, no presents, no fruitcake, undead Christmas geese, no fat old man burglarizing houses at night while judging the missteps of those he's been spying on throughout the year. Purest chaos! A true feast!

Haha! What a fool I'd be for preventing Christmas? The entire world would be after me! No, no! You will be the ones to blame! Your failure will prevent Christmas! Because the lock will not give in unless you answer my riddles three and whisper the solution they form into the lock!


Yours faithful

Anchtifi Claustrarius Artifex Lukksepp

1. Tell me the solution to the crossword puzzle in 11th December's 'Daily elf'.

2. Like like, but something more, goes down to the core. Makes a small quantum of people one. Breaks with the momentum of your heart.

3. I’m so cool. But you wouldn’t want to be me. Tiny as a needle's eye, often drunk and constantly red eyed. I have a sweet tooth for fruit. You may not want to do as I do, but what I am, you’d love to.

What animal am I?