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Students explore the world of neuroscience

9 Jul 2019 at 15:00

Bonn, July 9th, 2019. Encourage a fascination for science: at its public lab, caesar opens the world of neuroethology to a new generation of researchers. Exciting, yet simple experiments illustrate the world of neuroscience. They allow students a good insight into processes that are used by the brain to guide behavior. "We want to allow for a direct transfer of knowledge, from scientists to students, here at the caesar public lab", says Public Outreach Officer Dr. Mia von Scheven. The developmental biologist leads the lab and developed it's educational concept. She wants to inspire curiosity, and generate excitement for science. "Science only works with fresh ideas and new minds. We want to inspire and create a platform that introduces science in a fun and motivational way."

The caesar public lab workshops and experiments can be booked by interested teaches for their students (up to 22 students possible), ranging from middle to upper levels at high schools. Its educational contents are aligned with the curriculae and fit well into regular classes.The workshops are currently free.

"We very much look forward to the students and their teachers, we want to enthral them with science". For her lab, Dr. von Scheven already knows which way to go next: "Our goal is to expand our spectrum of workshops even further, encompassing all age groups and school forms."

Further information on our public lab is available on our website Futher information and bookings are available via

About research center caesar

caesar is a neuroethology institute located in Bonn that studies how the collective activity of the vast numbers of interconnected neurons in the brain gives rise to the plethora of animal behaviors. Our research spans a large range of scales from the nano-scale imaging of brain circuitry, to large-scale functional imaging of brain circuitry during behavior, to the quantification of natural animal behaviors.

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