Public lab


Our public lab is open for school visits. Get a real insight into the life of a scientist with hands-on activities under the umbrella of neuroscience.

We offer interactive lab-based sessions for secondary school pupils and their teachers, with the aim to provide a realistic and fun experience in STEM education. Our goal is to foster enthusiasm for research and science.

Experiments are designed to answer specific scientific questions in a hands-on approach. Participants will be able to work within a team as well as independently, following detailed instructions, but also by giving space to individually ‘develop and try out’ other methods and tools.

Our workshops can be offered in German and English.

For more information about our public lab and to register for a workshop, please contact our Public Outreach Officer Julia Schlee.

Workshop - Underwater Sensation

Learn about sensory organ development and neural circuits within the zebrafish larvae.

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Workshop - Who is behaving how and why?

Neurobiology, behavior research & genetics meet - Find the circler!

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