Our goal is to reveal 3-dimensional structures of biological systems from molecular resolution up to the level of whole cells. We use cryo-electron tomography as a technique that can obtain high-resolution images of intact cells in a quasi-native state. On the other hand, we use single particle analysis to reveal the 3-dimensional structure of isolated macromolecules at a near atomic level.

We also improve known methods or develop new technologies related to electron microscopy. Here, we aim to facilitate the acquisition of large datasets of vitrified- and room-temperature samples and to further push the resolution of such datasets.

From images to complex projects - electron microscopy service

The electron microscopy facility at MPINB provides resources, technology and expertise for studying the ultrastructure of cryo-immobilized and chemically fixed biological samples as well as the analysis of material science samples. We provide electron microscopy analysis as a service. More complex projects can be undertaken in collaboration with the facility. We also train scientists on our instruments. Trained users are allowed to run their studies independently. Beside our four high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscopes, EMA also uses scanning electron (SEM) and FIB/SEM systems. Our sample preparation capabilities range from vitrification of tissue samples by high-pressure freezing, followed by cryo sectioning in ultra microtomes up to the conventional preparation of material samples by etching or milling.