The primary task of the scientific computing team and its technical facilities is to provide resources, technology and expertise in high-performance computing (HPC) to the various research groups at the institute.

This includes running the in-house computing cluster, which is a heterogeneous high-performance system with CPUs, GPUs, and low-latency interconnect, as well as the in-house data storage unit which is a classical disc storage system. Such computing systems provide an opportunity to accelerate science and data analysis but are a challenge to program and use effectively.

Furthermore, we also assist the researchers in developing and using software that exploits the capabilities of the cluster to facilitate and accelerate their scientific investigations and analyses.

Moreover, as the field of scientific software evolves quickly, with new frameworks, tools and languages, we also research and develop novel ways to apply such state-of-the-art approaches to solve current and upcoming challenges our researchers might encounter.

This includes, among other projects, the processing and storing of microscope-generated data and the simulation of biological structures and behavior.

We also provide further training to our staff, both in the use of the HPC cluster and in the use of programming techniques.