Neuroscience Seminar Series

29 Jun 2023 12:00 - 01:00 — MPINB

We are delighted to announce our next Neuroscience Seminar Series talk. Presentations by experts in their field will take place both here at MPINB and via Zoom.

“Win to Fight and Lose to Flight: Innate Yet Flexible Aggression Circuit”

Aggression is an innate behavior across animal species. It is essential for competing for food, defending territory, securing mates, and protecting families and oneself. Since initiating an attack requires no explicit learning, the neural circuit underlying aggression is believed to be genetically and developmentally hardwired. Despite being innate, aggression is highly plastic. It is influenced by a wide variety of experiences, particularly winning and losing previous encounters. Numerous studies have shown that winning leads to an increased tendency to fight while losing leads to flight in future encounters. In the talk, I will present our recent findings regarding the neural mechanisms underlying the behavioral changes caused by winning and losing.

Dayu Lin, NYU Grossman School of Medicine


MPINB Lecture Hall, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2, 53175 Bonn


Meeting-ID: 637 6730 0567

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Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
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