Family Friendliness

Beruf und Familie

The staff members of caesar profit from many family-friendly options: Since January 2014, caesar cooperates with pme Family Services. Individual solutions for child and nursing care for the family members of caesar's employees are arranged. Furthermore, a number of counseling and emergency hotlines is offered.

Additionally, caesar's staff members can make use of caesar's on-site day care facility ("caesarinis"). This child care facility is designed for infants and babies between the age of 4 months and 3 years. It can host up to 9 children. Caesar also offers a parent-child room as well as many sports and health care programs.

In 2011, caesar was certified by the Hertie-Stiftung in the audit berufundfamilie for its endeavors in addressing the balance between work and family lives of its staff members. In 2014, caesar was successfully re-certified, confirming the institute's family-oriented workplace policy.