Life in Bonn

Bonn has always been a special place.
From the time scientific researchers in the area of Bad Godesberg unearthed a dozen prehistoric hand axes from the year 55.000 B.C. to the birth of the world renowned composer Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn has maintained constant development and its international flair is perceptible wherever you go.

For over 40 years Bonn was the capital of West-Germany and to this day offers not only a fascinating history but plenty of cultural richness, beautiful architecture and appealing nature surroundings.

Bonn has a variety of older as well as modern sights, including theatres, galleries with both old and new art being shown and plenty of museums. Amongst many things to do in Bonn, these are some of the most popular things to consider visiting: the German National Museum of Contemporary History, Freizeitpark Rheinaue, Beethoven House and the Botanic Garden.

Bonn has a mild climate and is located directly on the river Rhine within easy reach from the airports Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Train services and a superb public transportation system makes travelling around Bonn easy and efficient. It is a modern university town with plenty of shopping centers and department stores in the city center and attractive areas for living in the vicinity.

Life in Bonn is pleasant, relaxed and international.

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  • Caroline Brown

    Administrative Staff

    Caroline Brown