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Research center caesar new partner of the zdi network of the Rhine-Sieg-District

Bonn, 10.07.2019. Inspiring a fascination for science among children and youths, and fostering potential careers - in pursuing this important goal, caesar connected with a new partner. zdi - the term stands for "Zukunft der Innovation", or "future of innovation", is a state-wide network, designed and established to promote the natural sciences among children. Besides caesar, it connects stakeholders from the economy, administration, schools and universities, uniting them in their purpose of fostering science based careers.

Hans Clasen, Head of the office for school and educational coordination, presented caesar director Dr. Jason Kerr with the official partner certificate. Jointly, they look forward to foster enthusiasm for science among children and students - and lay the foundations for a future generation of researchers.

The first school profiting from this agreement was class 6a of the Gesamtschule Lohmar, who visited the caesar public lab with their teacher Nicole Arens.

Foto: Sebastian Scherrer

left to right: Gabriele Paar, (Head of the Regional Education Offices, Rhein-Sieg-Kreis). Dr. Jason Kerr (caesar Scientific Director) Hans Clasen (Head of the Department for Schools and Education Coordination)