Meet the team
The public relations team is the institute's central contact for all questions regarding the institute and its research. In case you are looking for answers to specific questions, seek general information, or search for contact details of scientific experts - please let us know.
  • Dr. Eva-Juliane Kreiß

    Public Relations Officer

    Dr.Eva-Juliane Kreiß
Eva Kreiß

Eva serves as the Public Relations Officer for our research institute. She designs and coordinates all public relations activities and internal communication of the institute.

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  • Julia Schlee

    Public Outreach Officer

    Julia Schlee

As the Public Outreach Officer, Julia's role is to engage with school children and their teachers as well as the wider public. Julia coordinates our public engagement activities and leads our newly established public lab.

Our offer for schools

  • Nora van den Broek

    Student assistant
    Nora van den Broek
  • Lucas Reindl

    Student assistant

    Lucas Reindl