Teachers & Students

Get involved!
We aim to engage with teachers and school children at all ages using hands-on activities linked to our research in the field of neuroethology.

If you would like to find out more about our outreach activities or would like to work with us to create an event or activity, please do get in touch with our Public Outreach Officer Julia Schlee. All offers below can be held in German and English.

Bridging Science & Education: Neuroethology Programs for Schools

Public Lab Workshops

Dive deep into the realms of neuroscience and neuroethology through our interactive workshops. We also offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of individual schools and classes.

School Tours

Explore our research and take a short tour of our institute and the public lab. Perfect for students and educators curious about the daily life of a scientist.

Online Activities

Bring the MPINB's public lab directly to your classroom with our online courses. We ship hands-on experiments in advance, allowing students to collaboratively delve into each experiment under our guidance.

Career Talks

Invite a scientist to your class to share their research journey and insights into a career in science. Feel free to ask them anything; after all, they're passionate individuals just like anyone else.

Nurturing Curiosity from the Start

Introducing the wonders of neurobiology and behavioral science to elementary students. Our tailored projects spark young imaginations and lay the foundation for future scientists.

MPINB is a partner of the zdi network, a joint initiative for the promotion of young scientists and engineers in North Rhine-Westphalia.