Workshop - Underwater Sensation

WORKSHOP - Underwater Sensation

  • age group: grade 8 onwards
  • maximum attendance: 24
  • duration: 3 hours
  • previous knowledge: none
  • costs: none


Pupils will perform comparative studies in the zebrafish larvae at different developmental stages as well as getting an insight into various aspects of neuroscience performing simple behavioural experiments. Thus, it will be possible to demonstrate how mechanosensory information is perceived, processed within a neuronal network and results in a change of animal behaviour. Interactive activities and the build-up of a simple electronic circuit will enable the pupils to understand the signal transduction within a neuron.


  • Sensory organ development
  • Sensory perception
  • Signal processing
  • Neuronal network
  • Nerve conduction


  • Introduction to zebrafish as a model organism
  • independent analysis of different developmental stages
  • various approaches to trigger an escape response
  • interactive activity on brain function and neuron structure
  • build an electronic circuit

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the features of different developmental stages in the zebrafish larvae
  • critically analyse the results of simple behavioural experiments
  • describe a simple neuronal network within a living organism
  • describe the overall structure of a nerve cell
  • understand nerve conduction and how neurons communicate with each other

I loved the experiments with the zebrafish and the playful presentation of a nerve cell. It was very exciting and interesting. pupil, grade 8
I didn't know about the fast development of a zebrafish and now I also know how a neuron is functioning. pupil, grade 8