We developed a new method to reconstruct the ‘view through the eyes’ of an animal as it detects and tracks its prey.

For our recent publication "Three-photon head-mounted microscope for imaging deep cortical layers in freely moving rats", we prepared an explanatory video. Our research group has developed a small head-mounted microscope that allows access to the inner workings of the brain. The new system enables measurement of activity from neuronal populations located in the deep cortical layer with single-cell resolution, in an animal that is freely behaving.

For our publication "Impact of visual callosal pathway is dependent upon ipsilateral thalamus", we prepared an explanatory video.

In 2018, a team by the Max Planck Society portrayed their research in a short video, offering a fascinating glimpse into the nature of research conducted at BBO. The researchers want to find out how mammals make decisions in their environment. Neurobiologist and behavioral scientist Dr. Jason Kerr examines this question working with rats. To explore their decision making process in an experiment - and in order to find out how they utilize their eyes - the researchers invented a special eye-tracker.