Basic research

Knowledge is everywhere, where does knowledge come from?
Fundamental discoveries stem from curiosity, which is a very human quality, and pushes the frontiers of knowledge to shine light into the unknown.

Our Research Groups

The Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior – caesar is part of a family of 86 Max Planck Institutes. They undertake basic research to uncover and discover the world around us, asking basic questions about our world to gain knowledge, as knowledge is everything.

Basic research does not explicitly work towards a certain product or an intended practical application. However, curiosity-driven research is still indispensable. As the great scientist Max Planck once stated: "Insight must precede application". From basic insight stems new knowledge. From the exploration into the unknown come some very surprising and world changing insights. Basic research lays the foundations and charts the scientific territory, a solid base of knowledge upon which others may create their work, leading toward novel applications.