Scientific Coordinator

The Scientific Coordinator, Dr. Christoph Geisen, assists the Managing Director in a variety of scientific administrative tasks and collaborates closely with the Administrative Director on management issues and personnel tasks.

The Scientific Coordinator is also head of the scientific core facilities and is responsible for providing a variety of services to the institute’s researchers, ranging from managing the core facilities to strategic recruitments for key positions at the institute.

The Scientific Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the upkeep of current, and implementing new, supporting infrastructure and staff organization. In this capacity, the Scientific Coordinator also manages central lab logistics, and interacts with the Max Planck Society headquarters in Munich and with local, national and international network partners.

Dr. Geisen is an alumnus of the Philipps University Marburg and has an international research background in cancer and molecular biology.

  • Dr. Christoph Geisen

    Scientific Coordinator

    Dr.Christoph Geisen