Pint of Science

22 May 2023 - 24 May 2023 —

The global science festival Pint of Science is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and Bonn is once again one of 16 German locations participating. From May 22-24, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy cozy and relaxed evenings with great science and cool drinks. For the first time in Bonn, the theme "Science to Toast: The History & Chemistry Behind the Perfect Beer" is also on the program. Researchers from our institute are also involved: Marianna Roca, Ivan Vishniakou, and Bjorge Meulemeester will present their work in an understandable way.

Founded in 2012 by neurobiologist Praveen Paul, the festival invites researchers to come to local pubs, bars, cafes, and community spaces to share and discuss their scientific discoveries in informal talks with the public. Since then, the festival has expanded to hundreds of cities in 27 countries. Pint of Science is an international organization that invites scientists from the local area to present their latest research and exciting findings in the pub around the corner every year. The festival offers science for everyone and takes place in 27 different countries around the world at the same time.

The festival in Bonn is organized by volunteers, and the proceeds from the very low ticket price of €2.50 per ticket are used to organize the event. 16 cities in Germany are participating this year. In Bonn, scientists from the region will bring their science closer to our favorite pubs from May 22-24. Visitors can experience exciting topics from the fields of biomedicine, sustainability, astronomy, and artificial intelligence. In addition, there will be an evening dedicated to the science of beer brewing this year. The events will take place at the following locations: Craftbier Bar Balthasar, Dubliner Irish Pub, Namenlos, Rheinbühne. The research network ibehave and the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Biology - caesar support the events in Bonn.

Pint of Science presents scientific research results to the public by providing the opportunity to talk to those who carry out the work. The audience of Pint of Science has changed over the years and now includes people who have left science after school or didn't think science was for them. The organizers encourage the speakers to show the human side of research. Visitors often buy the speakers a drink and continue to talk to them long after the event.

For further information and tickets for Bonn, please visit: https://pintofscience.de/events/bonn