Equal Opportunities
Despite decades of efforts and measures, men still dominate the academic system, and women are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions. The dropout rate from the academic system is much higher for women than for men. Research needs diversity and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation or identity.

The challenge of balancing family life and career is still often bigger for women than for men. One of our missions at the MPINB is to enable career and family balance for everybody. We have formulated an equality plan that summarizes all existing and future activities to promote equality - transparent for all employees. We offer several services to all staff members having kids. Examples are our parent-child office and places for MPINB staff in our daycare center next door. Read more about our support for families.

We also regularly inform our staff about the support services offered by the PME Familienservice to all employees of the Max Planck Society. Especially in science, flexibility and mobility are required nowadays. Our International Office offers Dual Career support for couples and assists all international staff to ensure that the newcomers get off to the smoothest possible start in Germany and at the institute.

Our Public Outreach Lab offers different programs and activities aiming to interest school children in basic science. The female group leaders at the MPINB support the public lab as well as our outreach activities like for example our regular booth at the local Science Night. They are excellent examples for successful female careers in STEM subjects. Together with the other Max Planck Institutes, we join international campaigns like the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Last, but not least, the Max Planck Society offers dedicated programs to attract and support female scientists and provide them with equal opportunities for all stages of their career. One of these programs is the Lise-Meitner Excellence Program. Our group leader Aneta Koseska is one out of nine women who had been selected for this program in 2020.

The Central Gender Equality Officer of the Max Planck Society

The Central Gender Equality Officer and her team support the Max Planck Society in the implementation and advancement of its Gender Equality objectives. They advise the Gender Equality Officers of the individual institutes, initiate measures and projects and support internal and external communication.

Research needs diversity

The MPINB fully supports the core values of the Max Planck Society to treat everybody with respect and to not tolerate any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation or identity.

Read more about diversity and inclusion at the Max Planck Society, its code of conduct and have a look at the guide "Careers in Science at Max Planck".

Please do not hesitate to contact our Gender Equality Officer...

  • Carola Tröger

    Engineer; Gender Equality Officer

    Carola Tröger
  • Bettina Bosse

    Assistant of the research group leaders, Deputy Gender Equality Officer

    Bettina Bosse

... or our Disabled Persons' Representative in case you have any questions.

  • Kathrin Schulz

    Staff / Infrastructure, Disabled Persons' Representative

    Kathrin Schulz