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The neuroscientists of tomorrow - caesar's research presented at the German Neuroscience Olympics

In the course of the finals of the German Neuroscience Olympiad, keynote lectures by two researchers encouraged exciting discussions and question and answer sessions. Simone Mayer from the University of Tübingen and our research group leader Aneta Koseska both gave exciting talks.

The "German Neuroscience Olympics" (DNO) is a competition for students in the 9th to 12th/13th grades. A competition all about the brain and the nervous system with the aim of introducing young talented students to neuroscience and promoting national as well as international exchange. Before the final question and answer sessions, Simone Mayer gave a lecture on brain organoids and talked about her research: How plasticity mechanisms contribute to human brain development in health and disease. After many students had the opportunity to ask questions, one of our researchers took the virtual stage.

Aneta, group leader of the Lise Meitner research group "Cellular Computations and Learning", gave a talk on "How cells remember?": Single cells in different tissues in our body constantly perform complex calculations to do the right task for a given signal - for example, to migrate towards a wound or to divide to close the wound. The basic rules of these computational processes are very similar to the sensory computations of neural microcircuits. Aneta showed that single cells also use memory to compare and integrate multiple signals to successfully navigate the ever-changing environment. Her presentation also concluded with an interesting question and answer session and received positive feedback from the students.

The student competition was held online and in English on 24.4.21 (regional level) and 29.5.21 (final). The competition consists of five tests. The students have to compete in different categories, e.g. neuroanatomy or patient diagnosis. Teachers, parents and other interested persons were also cordially invited: Because there is always a great programme besides the exams. More information at

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