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International Day of Women and Girls in Science - Feb 11 2022

In neuroscience research, an equal number of women and men are pursuing a PhD, but only less than 25 % of professorships are filled by women. Reducing this discrepancy is our priority and an important challenge of our time. Especially the hurdles in balancing family and scientific career as well as cultural stereotypes and discrimination have to be overcome. The Max Planck Society and we as Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior –­ caesar are committed to promoting an inclusive research culture. Therefore, we implement several strategies that enable equal opportunities for all.

Here you can see a small selection of our excellent female employees who would like to give you an insight into their passion for research.

For me, working in science and research means ...

Bettina, Research Group Leader
... tackling interesting questions, having a lot of freedom and always having to master new challenges.

Nadine, Veterinarian
... being responsible for the health and well-being of animals and thus being involved in the development of knowledge. Whether it's medical therapies, our diet, the climate, cars, smartphones... science and research are involved in much of our everyday life.

Aneta, Research Group Leader
... engaging a world of wonders, looking into living matter and learning what makes it living.

Marianne, Scientist
... getting the chance to learn something every day, from my experiments, from a paper, or from anyone in the building.

Eva, PR Officer
... having an opportunity to gain insight into many different research projects. What is this project all about, and what do the results actually mean? Explaining exciting new findings in a generally understandable way using all kinds of different media is a lot of fun – and it never gets boring.

Monika, Research Group Leader
... following my curiosity and enjoying the surprise when some things work differently than we thought.

Julia Schlee | MPINB