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"F*ck up night @iBehave": We embraced the power of failing!

On September 21st, at the heart of the Postdoc Appreciation Week, our former canteen came alive with spirited discussions on scientific missteps and the resulting wisdom. Curated by the iBehave Network, our institute, and Neurotech EU, the "Fuck up night @ibehave" spotlighted failures – not as defeats but as signposts to success.

Jason Kerr and Ilona Grunwald, both esteemed research group leaders, set the stage not just with an introduction but personal tales that showcased: missteps are human and often the gateway to breakthroughs.

The four main speakers shed light on varied facets of this theme. Pietro Verzelli talked about the "race" in science and the challenges of being 'scooped' by other groups. Doris Dijksterhuis stressed that asking the right questions is often more valuable than finding answers. Jens Tilmann unveiled the intricate balance of research collaborations, while Timothy Lee, in a captivating prose style, reflected on his grad years in the US and the invaluable importance of adept mentoring.

Rounding off the evening was a vibrant discussion session, made all the better – also thanks to Neurotech EU – with snacks and drinks.

The unforgettable night was powered by the iBehave Network, our institute, and Neurotech EU, Pint of Science Germany and speaker gifts werde supported by Proteintech.


midjourney ["depict her (picture of Julia Schlee) as a crazy scientist at a desk with a failed experimental outcome in life sciences, but looking happy due to positive outcome"]