Day 10

Elven Shenanigans

There is something cooking, a giggle, a crunch... something happened... during the night. It feels like wind, but it pulls you. A fit of gravity that would make you trip if your tired feet didn't follow. As if in a trance, it draws you irresistibly ... out of the warm comfort of your bed!

Ever so quietly, you walk on, carefully placing the tips of your toes. The window has been opened, a red tinsel garland hanging out of it. You hear a little giggle. In shock, you turn around. Too late! Without warning, a Christmas quilt hits you right in the face! Your surroundings turn to deepest black. You are trapped inside the blanket, the transport lets it shake back and forth. After some time, you fall asleep.

Suddenly you hear a ringing, like...bells! The sweet taste of candy canes persists on your tongue. You open your eyes.

There is snow. You are in the center of a crowded marketplace. Lying on the Christmas quilt. Around you, elves and pixies go about their daily routine. Everything, absolutely everything is made of candy! Your legs are covert by red and white striped stockings... A sudden realization creeps onto you:

Whoever kidnapped you, turned you into an elf!!!

Being an elf, you must spread the spirit of Christmas. Start by telling us your favourite thing about Christmas. If you continue steadily, you may fly your quilt back to the realm of humans. Hope, you make it back before Christmas!