Public Outreach

Representing the institute
The members of the outreach team are responsible for presenting the institute and its work online, via public events such as lecture series or open days, and at external public events. We also support our staff in the area of education and outreach.

Meet our research group leaders

Interview with James Lightfoot

James and his team explore the evolution of complex behaviors by investigating behavioral diversity across comparative nematode species.

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Interview with Monika Scholz

Monika and her colleagues use the foraging behavior of the roundworm C. elegans to research general principles of signal compression, attention and context-dependency in neural systems.

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Interview with Pascal Malkemper

Pascal's group studies the neurobiological basis of magnetic orientation in mammals

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Interview with Aneta Koseska

The aim of Aneta's group is to identify basic dynamical principles of biochemical computations and single-cell learning.

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Interview with Bettina Schnell

Bettina and her team are interested in how the tiny brain of Drosophila controls such a complex behavior as course control during flight.

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From Lab to Screen: Research Highlights

Brain in action - Our research mission in pictures

Our researchers aim to understand how the brain's vast number of nerve cells control behavior. Want to learn more about our research?

A 2-gram microscope for imaging all cortical layers

Researchers of the department Behavior and Brain Organization designed a two-gram microscope to monitor deep brain activity in freely moving mice. This remote-controlled device can image in lit settings and across all cortical layers, advancing our understanding of neural activity and behavior.

PharaGlow - Big scientist is watching you

The Neural information flow group developed a method to track the movement and feeding of up to 30 free-roaming nematodes simultaneously. This high-throughput technique will help reveal how animals process signals and coordinate behavior.

Seeing what they see

Behavior and Brain Organization researchers have devised a method to capture a mouse's "view" during a hunt. By tracking mice eye movements when chasing crickets, they discovered mice keep prey within a specialized retinal area for clarity. This offers insights into animal vision-based decision-making and brain perception mechanisms.

Connect with Us: Events and Sessions

Events for students and teachers

The MPINB not only has a cutting-edge public lab with manifold workshops being offered but also curates events tailored for students and teachers. Dive in to discover more!

Science in (un)expected places

From trade fairs to the bar around the corner - experience our research up close. Curious yet? See some of our outstanding participations at events below.

Lectures at the MPINB

Dive into the diverse lectures at MPINB: From exclusive to public presentations, some even in hybrid format. Explore our lectures further below.

MPINB Network Events

At the heart of the MPINB network: Where partners, science, and ideas converge. Connect. Discover. Innovate. Follow the links for insights into past formats and explore them.

More videos can be seen on our YouTube channel. If you would like to find out more about our outreach activities or would like to work with us to create an event or activity, please do get in touch with our Public Outreach Officer Julia Schlee.